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iManage powers the professional work of 3,000 organisations from individual practices to global enterprises of over 50,000 professionals. They rely on iManage to transform how they work with emails, documents, images, messages and other content to improve client satisfaction and deliver great work.

iManage is a market-leading software company that helps organisations worldwide to understand the meaning in information. A pioneer in its industry, iManage's unique meaning-based technology is able to make sense of and process unstructured, 'human information,' and draw real business value from that meaning.

Human information makes up the vast majority of content in the world today and exists almost everywhere: in documents, emails, pictures, audio, video, and mobile and social media communications. Unlike tagging or keyword solutions, iManage uses ground-breaking, pattern-matching technology to form an understanding of this data, allowing computers to capture the meaning held within 100 percent of information, including structured, 'extreme,' or 'big data' amassed in databases from call detail records, gene sequencing, sensors, algorithmic trading, click streams, and other sources. iManage software helps businesses and organisations reduce complexity and unlock the real value in data.

iManage provides meaning-based solutions that understand the full spectrum of enterprise information as well as the relationships that exist within it. By enabling computers to comprehend the 'shades of grey' in our world, rather than only the black and white found in databases, businesses can automate processes, comply with regulations, act in real time, and improve business outcomes.

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We partner with the
Worlds best solutions providers to provide a world class integrated solution to iManage's Work and Records Management products.




Provides add-on solutions for iManage Work/WorkSite.

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Prosperoware LLC is a business partner providing additional iManage Work/WorkSite solutions. Prosperoware's headquarters are in Pennsylvania with their support and development Centre in Chicago, Illinois.

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