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Implementations, Migrations, Upgrades

Technovation has proven experience in the successful delivery of large-scale application projects in the knowledge management area. We can provide assistance with:

  • Selection of appropriate applications

  • Integration with related applications 

  • Implementation of selected platform

  • Migration strategies 

  • Data and security migration from legacy structures

  • Upgrades for supported products

Product Support and Maintenance including Cross Platform issues

  • Second and third level support which includes issues that the Client’s Authorised Personnel are unable to resolve or are of sufficient technical complexity that it is referred to Technovation for action

  • Weekly heath checks

  • Daily review of essential iManage Work/WorkSite logs to identify both immediate and emerging problems

  • Update of appropriate call logs with relevant detail

  • Liaising with software manufacturer on reported problems and determining appropriate methods of resolution

  • Advising the client on all third level support matters and agreeing actions and responsibilities for required system maintenance and corrective actions

  • Provision of advice and assistance related to support of the application and its interrelationship with other applications and technologies 

  • Replication and maintenance of the application Production System to Training, Development, and Testing environments

Other Services

Technovation provides consulting and support expertise which includes technology reviews, recommendations and the implementation and maintenance of systems:

  • Technology Strategy, Objectives and Planning

  • Project Management & Business Process analysis (applied applications)

  • Product Implementations, Migration and Upgrades

  • Product Support and Maintenance including cross platform issues

  • General design and support of infrastructure elements

Technology Strategy

Assist with developing long term technology strategy and derived business plans for the organisation. Specific services include:

  • Develop strategic plans which reflect and support an organisation's business objectives

  • Translating agreed business needs into a technology vision

  • Developing appropriate strategies and objectives to achieve this vision

  • Gaining the necessary business commitment to the plan

Business Process Analysis

Application of Project Management principles and methodology:

  • Includes scope, responsibilities, defined outcomes, quality control, best practice and dependencies

  • Analysis of business process to determine best practice use of specific application features


We provide
“World best practice”
in consulting and support for knowledge based management systems