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Collaborative Document Management

Technovation is a key Autonomy Protect partner, providing value-added offerings to the iManage WorkSite Document Management and Autonomy Records Management software.


WorkSite is the mainstay of our offering to the New Zealand Market and all our energies and resources are channelled into supporting and marketing this product including Email Management and both iManage Records Manager (IRM) and Autonomy Records Manager (ARM).


iManage WorkSite

WorkSite centralises all content associated with a project, matter, or engagement with context.

  • Provides collaborative workspaces and secure document management capabilities
  • Delivers instant access to content and collaboration tools to local and remote teams
  • Secures content to protect confidential information and unnecessary access
  • Automates processes associated with compliance guidelines


iManage WorkSite provides a shared environment for storing business content and a system for tracking updates, milestones, and communications. Documents—both paper and electronic—records, e-mail messages, and other media are consolidated in a central library, making them easier to find, share, and reuse. Version control, automated notifications, and advanced search options streamline execution and simplify the handoff of work among team members. Business users and professionals manage access and security to workspaces, reducing the demands on the IT organisation.


iManage Records Manager (IRM)
Autonomy's iManage Records Manager (IRM) with comprehensive support for paper and e-records will enable management of the complete Matter or Project Lifecycle.

  • Apply consistent policies across record types and systems
  • Centrally manage retention policies
  • Automatically associate policies with each document
  • Track paper records at both on-site and off-site locations

Autonomy Records Manager (ARM)

Autonomy Records Manager helps organizations manage, control and discover physical, electronic and email information assets located across the enterprise, to achieve proactive information governance driven by the ever-changing array of regulatory, legislative, and business requirements. By automating record keeping processes and policy enforcement across all content, Autonomy Records Manager helps organizations save time and money, while empowering users with faster access to the right information at the right time.
Independent of infrastructure, content location, language, format or status, Autonomy Records Manager provides the ability to protect and control information from one central console while reducing risk of noncompliance. Autonomy Records Manager systematically decreases the amount of information managed, based on approved retention policies, while facilitating transparency, accountability and defensibility through the power of IDOL,  Autonomy Records Manager can automatically create taxonomies, records categories, file plans based on the amount of data, import an existing taxonomy, or allow users to train the records categories or file plan so that IDOL can automatically identify content across all repositories in an organization that should be managed as records.


iManage Universal Search (IUS)

Autonomy iManage Universal Search unifies content across multiple internal and external content sources to provide a universal search environment for professional services firms.

  • Provides the best possible chance of finding the right piece of information
  • Presents easy-to-navigate results in an intuitive Web interface
  • Personalises search results and spotlights high-value content
  • Helps professionals see the big picture quickly
        Offers post-search tools to further refine



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Provides add-on solutions, namely:

WorkSite System Manager (WSM) 2
Enterprise Administration Solution. Gain a greater degree of control over your entire iManage WorkSite System, assign key functionality to high and low level administrators while streamlining multi-database operations.

WorkSite System Manager 2 Snap-ins:

  • AccessManagement -Designed for IT administrators to replace the WorkSite Database Administration tool when managing users, groups, and roles. It enables and tracks delegation of key administrative functions to lower level administrators
  • ConsolidateArchive - Allows you to easily merge multiple WorkSite libraries into one library. Populate a new WorkSite library or split an existing library into two or more and map security or metadata appropriately.
  • EasyFolders - Allows administrators to create standardized template packages made available to specific users and groups. EasyFolders provides users with the ability to select from a firm approved list of folders and structures.
  • EmailFiler - Allows users to quickly and easily move or copy multiple emails or file folders from Outlook into WorkSite. You can schedule folders to continuously copy emails to WorkSite at regular intervals
  • ExportManagement - Formerly known as FolderExport which allows tasks to specify workspaces, folders, or documents to be exported based on metadata or specified selection criteria
  • FileManager - Allows users, with permission, to right-click and complete a form for workspace generation. This snap-in enforces completion of relevant metadata fields in order to create workspaces from templates in seconds.
  • HelpdeskAssistant - Designed to enable helpdesk staff to perform security sensitive WorkSite functions without the need to have NRTAdmin access.
  • ImportManagement - An administrative product used to perform mass imports of external documents into Autonomy iManage WorkSite
  • QuickCopy - Allows users to easily copy documents and/or folder structures within WorkSite. QuickCopy includes the ability to copy/move from one library to another
  • ReFiler - Enables for the refilling of documents to the correct locations based on WorkSite metadata and templates
  • SafeDelete - Provides the ability to remove unwanted documents from your system and still have the security of knowing that items deleted in error may be recovered with ease.
  • ShortcutsManagement - Designed to deliver firm wide best practices based on a variety of criteria. It provides users with the ability to select from a list of firm approved structures for organizing shortcuts on their workspace shortcuts list. This snap-in keeps shortcuts organized for each user or restore shortcuts if deleted.
  • WorkspaceManagement - The first step to managing all content in WorkSite. It enables visual workspace design functionality with the ability to rearrange folders using drag and drop. Tasks include the ability to perform mass changes to metadata, security, and structure of existing workspace.

CaseLink - CaseWare Integration Tool
Enables firms to easily store and retrieve entire CaseWare projects or single documents within the Interwoven WorkSite document repository. 

DMSBriefcase - Offline User Briefcase
Provides an efficient way for WorkSite users to work offline within their own briefcase as well as collaborate with a team by sharing a common briefcase.

DMSCADLink - AutoCAD Integration
DMSCADLink enables companies to easily store and retrieve AutoCAD design files within the Interwoven WorkSite document repository. 

DocPort - Administrator Mass Import Product
An administrative utility used to perform mass imports of external document into WorkSite duplicating the network folder structure and applying security and metadata.

EasyID - User Document Identification
Offers the user the ability to add or remove customized document identification information within your WORD documents.

EasyImport - User Import Tool
Allows the user to quickly and easily import documents and or folders into a WorkSite workspace or folder.

Link2DMS - WorkSite Integration Tool
Integrates non-integrated applications into WorkSite allowing open and save features.

MailPort - Administrator Email Migration Product
The MailPort application provides the power of Mass Import in addition to the ability to assign message profile information at folder, subfolder and event level on individual email items.

MasterEthics - Ethical Wall Security Solution for WorkSite
Provides peace of mind to firms dealing with the issue of ethical security.

MSProjectLink - MSProject Integration
Integrates with WorkSite to allow open and save functionality. Store project files in one workspace.

QuickVersion - User Versioning Plugin
Make one WorkSite document a new version of another without using export.

SureSave - Immediate Save
Save document changes directly to WorkSite using CTRL + S.



Provides tailored and add-on solutions to iManage WorkSite and also SharePoint:

Milan for Autonomy iManage WorkSite
Solutions for email and document management and information governance:
Put professionals in charge of their workspaces & folder security
- Satisfy client security and ISO 27001 requirements for your DMS
- Improve user adoption of the electronic file

Zone for Remote Access
Ease the burden of working remotely 
Use our web-based equivalent to Outlook with FileSite – plus support for other systems
Zone for Remote Access makes it easier for professionals to work when they are away from the office without the burden of using remote-control technologies. Zone is a web application that gives users a unified experience for managing both email and documents.  Zone provides a web-based equivalent to Outlook with FileSite—with a no-waiting entry into the application.  Zone supports Microsoft SharePoint and file servers in addition iManage WorkSite, an HP Autonomy product. Zone also ensures business continuity because it offers a low-cost solution for office closures and disaster recovery.

Ascera for Microsoft SharePoint
Easily access WorkSite content from SharePoint intranets and extranets
Ascera for SharePoint is a family of Prosperoware products that lowers the barrier for doing complex operations in SharePoint, particularly around sharing and synchronizing WorkSite and SharePoint content.

Umbria Pricing & Experience Management
Track the “who, what, and for how much?” of all your matters and engagements

Umbria Pricing & Experience Management puts you in the driver’s seat with clients, allowing you to showcase your experience and price services more effectively. As you continue to capture data around the “who, what, and for how much?” of service delivery, you can more intelligently estimate price, make decisions about alternative fees, and continuously monitor budgets.
Umbria enables law firms and other professional services to systematically capture data critical for competitively managing and pricing client services. What makes Umbria different from other products that fall under the “legal project management” umbrella is that it is evolutionary rather than revolutionary.



The Email Archive Software for Small to Medium Businesses

MailStore Server is the leading email archiving solution, featuring built-in database
and search technology to save you time and money. In/out central archiving on
autopilot, fulfils legal obligations yet provides split-second access and live searching
through client software, Outlook integration or internet browser.